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Create memories take a vacation



Most our apartments are located near the beaches and have a great view to the Adriatic sea


Book villa or apartment with great comfort for the best price

High standard

Get high equipped apartment with no extra charge for parking, wi-fi, air-condition or tourist tax



As you are not living in your vacation home through all year, entrust us your home and we will take care of it so you can sleep safely knowing that your second home is 100% secure.

We can offer you a variety of packages, and main thing is that property is regularly visited and checked for any damages or occurrence of some other problems. If you need that your post box is checked while you are gone, or you need a craftsman for eventually needed repairs we are here to help you. As doing property watch services for many years, we have created a team of partners/craftsman’s that can safely and in shortest period solve all kind of issues.

Contact us and we will send you the offer based upon your needs.






Property watch

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